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The 7 bags you must own


Nowadays, your bag should always be able to carry all this 😉 but much more! We’ve compiled a list of bags every man should know. All these models are original and exclusive creations. We can therefore assure you that they will have the space necessary to store all your essential accessories… and a few love notes.

1. Backpack

Did you also use yours to carry a lunch box containing rye bread and liver pâté or is this a gastronomic oddity that only we Danes appreciate?

The modern backpack has a lot in common with the one you carried as a child. It’s as versatile and functional as it once was, but now features more of the finer little finishing details and is made from high-quality materials that have taken it from the playground to the office. .

2. Shoulder bags

Gone are the days when shoulder bags were reserved for people taking public transport at dawn to get to work, military personnel and/or Hollywood movie heroes. Today, these bags are designed to meet the needs of the modern man who is constantly on the move and who wants to be able to get from point A to point B with both hands free.

Do you go to work by bike? The planet is grateful to you. A shoulder bag will give you easy access to your accessories and will rest securely on your back while you hold the handlebars. Make sure the bag you choose has a zipper… you’ll lose less stuff in tight turns 😉

3. Laptop case

There is an eternal debate about whether a laptop bag is a better transport solution than a simple laptop sleeve. They both have their respective merits, but since laptop bags look like shoulder bags, and you’ll be able to find some in this category, we like to consider the case here wins.

4. Sports bags

Everyone will agree with this: different workouts require different equipment. And some of the gear is relatively bulky – workout clothes, shoes, protein shake, towel, soap (always remember to pack your soap) – all of which needs to be packed into a bag big enough to hold all your accessories and enough small than to fit in the gym locker.

5. Bag for the weekend

Ah, weekend bags . Their name alone evokes the autumn leaves falling in front of a chalet in the forest, a chalet in which you would be seated, a glass of Chenin Blanc in your hand, at the corner of a crackling fire. …but it can also refer to your desperate attempts to squeeze that bag into the tiny overhead bin above your economy class seat when you return from vacation. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the islands or a sleepover at granny’s – we all need travel bags.

For many of us, going from the backpack we use every day to a real weekend bag is a difficult step to take. Its rectangular shape is ideal for storing a few clothes and other toiletries… just what you need for a weekend getaway to the coast.

What if you live close to (or with) mom and dad and haven’t had the opportunity to rent that cabin in the woods yet? A slightly smaller bag will be suitable and can even be used as a sports bag or even as a multifunction bag: it will be suitable for both work and the gym.

How to choose your weekend bag 

A weekend bag is just what you would have needed whenever your suitcases and other vacation luggage seemed too bulky for what you were going to use them for. Be sure to choose a model that you can take into the cabin and that can be slipped into the compartments provided for this purpose.

We believe that leather is the best, if not the only material suitable for this purpose. It looks like you’re just coming from, or going to, somewhere beautiful…and it won’t look out of place when you bring it into the office on Friday. A travel bag like this doesn’t have to be an impulse buy…put some cash in your piggy bank and save so you can afford supple, high-quality leather . It will stand the test of time perfectly (and even gain in beauty and elegance every day) and you will be able to use it for many years to come…when life finally takes you to that cabin deep in the woods.

6.  Toiletry bag

Even the best duffel bag on the planet won’t be worth much if, when you arrive at your destination, you open it to find that your shampoo bottle has spilled its contents onto your best sweater. And then you will have to dig into every nook and cranny just to be able to find your toothbrush. And don’t tell us about the people who store all their cosmetic products in recycled plastic bags from left to right… Finally, you’ll know what to give them for Christmas.

7.  Shoulder bag

Imagine that you have to go out for the afternoon and that you have planned to bring only your wallet , your phone, your headphones… and your keys, of course. You grab your backpack and put these things in it. You then notice that you have a lot of free space left. You add a water bottle, a charger and a tablet. There is still a little space available, you add a little wool to protect you from possible bad weather and an apple in case of a little peckish. Without realizing it, you have prepared yourself for a hike in the Himalayas, without a Sherpa.

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