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How to choose a haircut that highlights your face


When looking for a hairstyle that will look good on you, you need to consider your face shape. A good haircut will highlight your unique physique by bringing out your best features. While certain cuts may be ideal for your face shape, it’s also important to choose a hairstyle that you like to help you feel beautiful and confident.

Identify the shape of his face

Take a self portrait. Hold your camera up to your face and take a head-on shot. Make sure your hair is parted away from your face. Don’t smile when you take the picture. You need to determine the shape of your face in its most natural position and if you smile it may be more difficult  .

If you’re having trouble taking photos of yourself, see if your camera has a self-timer. Set it to this function and then position yourself in front of the lens. If your device doesn’t have this feature, you can simply ask someone else to take your picture.

Use your reflection. Trace its contours on a mirror. If you don’t have a camera, stand in front of a mirror and use old lipstick or a dry erase marker to outline your face. Draw all its contours following your chin and the limit of your hair. Then look at the features you drew to determine your face shape.

Find the widest part. If your forehead is the widest part of your face, you probably have an oval face. If it is widest at the cheeks, it may be round. If you have a broad chin, your face is rather square. However, it is also possible that it is heart-shaped. Look at your chin to find out  .

Watch your chin. If it is rounded, it corresponds to a round or oval face. If it’s more square, you probably have a square face. If it’s pointed, your face is heart-shaped.

Measure your face. Its length and width can help you identify its shape. If it’s longer than it’s wide, it’s probably oval, square, or heart-shaped. If it is as long as it is wide, it has a wide shape .

Keep your style. Don’t let your body shape get in the way of the cut you want. The most important thing is that you have a hairstyle that you like. If you love short hair, get a pixie cut. Hair always grows back

Choosing a haircut for a round face

Create corners. They will help frame your round face, highlighting its soft curves with the contrast of the sharper lines. Look for a thin style with tapered ends to prevent your hairstyle from having too much volume at the bottom. Try a medium -length layer that wraps around your face nicely. The shortest layer of the gradient should fall below your ears. The longest layer should come a few inches below your chin

Make waves . Get a long, wavy haircut to elongate your features by forming a contrast with them. Long haircuts go very well with round faces, as they allow you to elongate features that tend to appear rather short. If you have relatively short hair, let it grow out. If they are already long, you can request a gradient. For example, long, wavy and layered hair forms a very nice contrast with a round face .

Choose an asymmetrical cut. It can be an original and very beautiful choice for people with a round face. Long, layered bangs can form sharp lines whose angles emphasize round features. A degraded square is a good choice for those looking for a short haircut hairstyles .

Get a short haircut . A pixie cut draws attention to your features rather than your hair. It highlights your cheekbones and your eyes. It’s also a fairly easy cut to style and maintain .

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