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How to buy running shoes


Your running shoes can have a big impact on how you feel when running, whether you’re taking a quick jog around the house or a long run through the woods for marathon training. A good pair of running shoes can also prevent you from hurting your feet or joints. Buying the right pair of shoes for running is therefore an important decision, especially if you are a regular runner.

Buy your shoes in a sports store or specialized store for running. When you want to buy a new pair of sports shoes, it is better to go to a specialty store or a smaller boutique than to a mall or a big box store. In general, the sellers will be able to advise you better and will have more time to help you find what you are looking for .

A good salesperson will ask you many questions about the style of running you do, the routes you run, your height, your weight, your footing style, in order to determine which pair of shoes would be best for you. adapted. It will also ask you how many kilometers you cover, on what type of ground, if you train for a marathon or a trail…

Tyler Courville, extreme mountaineer and mountain runner, tells usĀ  : “Sports shoes usually have different supports and levels, on one side you have shoes with about 5 cm of padding, and on the other, minimalist shoes . The good side is that you can find many different models, and therefore the one that is suitable for your foot. The bad news is that the choice can be difficult!

Bring your current pair of shoes and your socks or insoles. When you want to buy a new pair of shoes, you absolutely have to try them on, with the type of socks you usually wear for running. This helps the salesperson identify your needs and choose a pair that will fit you best.

The seller may want to examine the wear marks on your soles to confirm your running style. For example, if the signs of wear are on the inside edge of the shoe, this indicates that you tend to overpronate when running. You will then need very stable shoes with motion control.

It’s important to take your usual socks or insoles when shopping for new running shoes, which might not fit when you first try them on at home.

You can also wear your usual outfit when you go to buy your shoes, so you’re comfortable if you have to run on a carpet or jog around the store to test the shoes. Avoid shopping for your new running shoes if you’re wearing a suit or dress.

Go buy your shoes later in the day. Many people make the mistake of going shoe shopping in the morning, but if you do this, you don’t take into account that your feet swell during the day or when you run.

As a result of this swelling, a pair of shoes may fit you fine in the morning, but become too tight as your feet swell a little during the day. Plan to go to the store in the late afternoon.

This is important because your feet also swell when you run, so you should buy shoes that will fit your swollen feet

Have your foot measured. Another common mistake people make is assuming their shoe size is definitively safe. However, a person’s foot size tends to change over time (due to sagging arches and pregnancy, for example). So have your foot measured every time you buy a new pair of shoes.

In general, your pair of athletic shoes should be half a size to a size larger than your actual shoe size. This gives your foot the necessary space not to be compressed and to rest correctly on the ground.

In addition, it is important to know that sizes and shoe sizes may differ from one manufacturer to another, due to the designs of the shoes and the materials used. You may wear 39 at Nike, but 40 at Reebok.

Running in shoes that are too small can cause blisters and blisters, or even numb and blackened toes, which is not pleasant. Don’t focus on your “exact” shoe size, but on your sensations !

Expect to spend some money. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to shoe price, but generally you will need to spend between $60 and $100 to get a good pair of running shoes.

Running shoes are an investment: a good pair of shoes will help you run comfortably, avoid injuries, strains, etc., and therefore save on medical treatment or bandages.

Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap pair of shoes just because you found them to be pretty and on the heap on sale shoes. But don’t fall for the latest pair of colorful sneakers that don’t fit you at all, but are fashionable.

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