Party outfits

Party outfits


The subtle art of composing an evening outfit

Whether it’s for the end-of-year celebrations, a big event, a gala evening or an outing to the Royal Opera of Wallonia, you’re going to wear evening wear . Whether you are a women’s tuxedo or rather an evening dress, discover our tips for creating a festive look that suits you.

Mastering the art of party style

What team are you part of? The “I’m leaving the big game” team, in other words, women who love festive style outfits and who wouldn’t miss any opportunity to wear them, or rather them.What if the secret to being what we call “  well dressed  ” lies in respecting one’s nature? Being elegant does not mean being disguised, quite the contrary! That’s why we asked our stylists for their advice on how to look chic while feeling good in your clothes.

Respect your morphology and choose your colors carefully

Choosing evening wear is just like choosing everyday clothes. Everything is a question of cut, material, style. Respect your morphology by choosing elegant clothes perfectly adapted to your figure. It’s up to you to find among the fashion trends the evening clothes that could suit you:

And it’s true, many women think that to be elegant , you absolutely have to wear a dress, put on leather shoes with stiletto heels, choose a showy outfit, wear a lot of jewelry… However, a simple but suits you perfectly enough to be elegant. Don’t forget that the one who should shine is you and not necessarily the material of your clothes.

If fashion isn’t necessarily your thing and you always feel like you’re making the wrong choice. Two solutions are available to you:

The black dress : With round neck, V-neck, boat neck or cowl neck, the black dress remains the garment that ensures you are always well dressed whatever the circumstances. Choose it well cut and you will then have a piece to keep for many years!

The women’s suit : Today, the fashion is for wide jackets and pants. Moreover, the skirt suit is mainly worn at the office. To wear a woman’s suit well as evening wear, choose a white or black model with a wide cut. Dare to wear the jacket without a blouse or with a little top and accessorize with a pretty pendant. Wearing stiletto heels is strongly recommended for maximum style!

The jumpsuit : It’s a perfect evening outfit! We choose it in a pretty fluid fabric for maximum femininity. Some brands of women’s clothing offer pretty models with low backs or lace…

The silk blouse : It’s a must in the feminine wardrobe! We appreciate it for the softness of the fabric and its chic style. Worn with black pants, it looks great. Bet on black leather shoes, a pretty bracelet and an elegant clutch for an evening outfit with incredibly chic pants.

The lace bolero : This chic garment, halfway between a cardigan and a jacket, is perfect for embellishing a little plain dress. It can also be worn over a top with a straight skirt, a pencil skirt or a long skirt. You can also wear the bolero with an evening dress with thin straps. Chosen short, it highlights your lower back and your waist!

Less is more! Do you know this expression? Well, when it comes to fashion, it’s simply the assumption that it’s best not to overdo it. On the make-up side, emphasize the eyes or the mouth. As for jewelry, opt for a necklace, a bracelet and discreet earrings if your outfit is overloaded or very festive.

You should also know that the watch is an elegant accessory ! Choose a gold or silver metal model to match your ceremonial outfit. Personally, we love OOZOO watches in black and gold, pink or silver glitter tones.

Which handbag to wear with an evening outfit?

The handbag is one of the most popular women’s accessories . Impossible to go to a party with your good old bag, because even if it is very practical, it will be far too bulky. Choose an evening bag that can hold the essentials, namely: your car key, a card holder and your cell phone. It’s up to you to choose between:

Match your women’s wallet to your bag

This is what we call being elegant to the end of the accessories! Most leather goods brands offer wallets to match the bags. Stick to the same leather tones or opt for a different colored bag and wallet, but from the same collection and in matching colors.

What scarf to wear with an elegant outfit?

The scarf is an accessory that is not only used to protect us from the cold. Some models decorate our neck with style and accessorize an evening outfit in the prettiest way, this is particularly the case with:

The lurex scarf: This is a fine-knit scarf embellished with lurex threads that give it shine. We simply tie it, making sure to place the knot at chest height or we trick it by hanging its tails behind our backs.

The lace scarf: All in finesse, the lace scarf adorns our evening dresses with the prettiest of fabrics.

The veil scarf: It slips around our neck and is tucked into the neckline of our blouse for a chic style. Some will like to wear it as a belt.

The silk square: A timeless scarf that the haute couture brand Hermès has made its favorite accessory, the plain or printed silk square is perfect for embellishing a sober evening outfit. We tie it around our neck and why not, around our wrist.

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