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How To select Best Indian Wedding Dresses According To your body shape?


On the one hand, any Indian woman is curious about the dress to be worn in her wedding, and on the other hand, she is also worried. Happiness is about the fact that in front of him, from traditional outfit to fashionable trendy, who wants to wear beautifully designed and colored dresses. The problem is that she cannot wear any adorn because it is not fitting properly in her body. Your beauty does not increase by wearing any type of clothes, but if you wear lehenga choli etc. for marriage according to your body shape, then your beauty will be greatly enhanced. For this nowadays women can also online as per their wish loving the design and color of the dress.

In this world of fashion, women keep high-waisted lehenga in their top priority not only in India but also in the UK because, it is competing with our traditional lowest lehenga in a wonderful way, then the same red colored fabric, so women themselves can’t get away.

Choose lehenga and choli according to your height

  1. Choose a lehenga that has a wide border.
  2. Indian dresses layered and scalloped according to your body length will enhance your beauty.
  3. You choose that type of lehenga which is bold and weaving work is done on it on a large scale. It will make your look attractive.
  4. You can go for a single colored dress; it will add more life to your height.

For short height brides-

  1. Choose light and airy clothes for this body type.
  2. Horizontal design lines will not look good in your trim, instead you should prefer vertical line dress.
  3. You wear the lehenga which is lightly worked and has a less attractive design.
  4. The light and airy dress will look good on you and will also avoid shortening the length further.
  5. You can choose the cloth whose width and height of the border is minimum or it can be without border.

For hourglass shape body

If you have this body type, then there is good news for you. You will look great in any outfit. If you want to enhance your beauty more then, you should choose A- line lehenga, and you should wear it. While paying attention to your dupatta and choli, except if you want me to erode a dress of another design, then you can choose a high-waisted lehenga with a high neck craft blouse that you can wear to look like an escort. Indian and UK women are getting more attracted online these days to wear it at their wedding.

Apple shape body

In this type of physical structure, it becomes thinner on moving from top to bottom. In this case, bridal lehenga will be the most suitable option for you, in which your gaze will be full of attractiveness. For this, you can wear a dress that looks like a gown. In which the bottom will stare spread, along with this, the upper part will gape light and will also provide a great peep. This wedding dress with different designs and colors is garnering a lot of interest among women living in the UK to like it online due to its gorgeous look.

Well shape body-

In this, the lower part of your body seems heavier. In such a situation, you will have the option of choosing the same type of lehenga, so in order to make the lower part look lighter, you choose with a heavy plate bridal dress. With this you can wear a cold shoulder blouse. This type of outfit is very much attractive to the women who live in India and UK to buy it online or offline for their wedding as light earring and maang tikka with it enhance their beauty wildly.

If the width of your body is the same from top to bottom

For this type of body structure, A-line high waist lehenga will be the best option for you and you can also carry a similar looking blouse. The most important thing about this type of dress is that, in this you have to work on the curvy edge and will get a chance to add which will enhance your beauty. Along with this, you can choose the ornament according to your wish and wear it.

 This type of outfit for weddings is very much liked online by women in countries like India and the UK.

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