Christmas decorations

Top Christmas decorations for an event in 2022


A privileged moment, Christmas is an opportunity not to be missed to find yourself surrounded by our colleagues around a good festive meal. And to make this key event of the year even more magical and memorable, it is better to decorate your space well. Garlands, balls, lights, wreaths… to avoid false notes, we have selected for you the top Christmas decoration items that you will find exclusively at Zôdio.

Cute sin par excellence in terms of decoration, the candle is not without equal to illuminate an interior and plunge it into an atmosphere as warm as cocooning. And it is for this reason that it remains a timeless Christmas decoration .

At the foot of the tree or in accumulation on your festive table, it is the rustic candle which is making a comeback in the Christmas decoration trends for an extraordinary event in 2022.

Light garlands for a magical event

To make your event shine with a thousand lights, light garlands are essential Christmas ornaments. And this year is no exception. Indeed, as usual, the light garlands will bring magic to all events. Shining like stars, they not only decorate , but also gently illuminate.

To multiply on the walls or on a Christmas tree, the light garlands also participate in the creation of a warm decoration not to be neglected for the success of your events.

Luminous balls to bring your windowsills to life

Often forgotten, the windowsill is nevertheless the perfect place to sublimate a somewhat dull space and create a cozy atmosphere . So, if you want to radiate the Christmas spirit for your event, don’t forget to create a beautiful space in the image of Christmas on this great forgotten decoration.

Then, all you need is a few luminous balls to bring a festive and lively touch to this space. Once installed, these light scenes provide beautiful lighting and transform the atmosphere of the room. But it also helps to reinforce the convivial spirit of the end-of-year celebrations.

The fir wreath: the essential of Christmas

Along with the tree, the wreath is one of the timeless items for a successful Christmas event . Established in tradition, the installation of a wreath on the front door marks the entry into the end-of-year celebrations and the warm spirit of Christmas. And this year again, the tree crown is at the party.

Christmas is fast approaching and with it its plethora of decorative items that are sure to bring a dose of magic to our cozy little cocoon and a festive atmosphere to our great corporate moments. And to bring a bit of good humor in this hectic time, the 2022 Christmas decoration trends are more than ever betting on products that do us good. At Zôdio, Christmas will be a more than scintillating season. Deciphering Christmas decoration trends for an event in 2022.

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