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How to make the most of the sales,tips you should know


Let’s be honest, the sales period is both exciting and puzzling! You look forward to finding your favorite pieces noticed a few weeks earlier at reduced prices. You can imagine the great discoveries and good deals. Your motivation is at its peak to find your nuggets ! Those who will forge your style. But how to take advantage of the sales is not such a simple question. Above all, exercise should not become an opportunity to over-consume and fill your wardrobe with randomly chosen clothes of all kinds. That you won’t wear and that will only clutter up your body and mind. Your style deserves your full attention, even during the sales . So follow my 8 tips forsucceed in all your purchases and continue to create a wardrobe that reflects your image, practical and durable . Without unnecessary expenses.

1) Use a conscious shopping list

If you read me regularly, you already know that I advise you to work with a shopping list throughout the year. If not, the process is very simple. Once your dressing detox is done, your figure type identified and your wardrobe basics evaluated, you will have your precious list of priorities . That is to say your next purchases . Those that match you 100%, that will not disappoint you and that you will enjoy wearing every day. This list may vary depending on the period. Sometimes it will be limited, sometimes it will be more extensive. Always according to your personal style and the clothes you want to integrate into your wardrobe. Write it down in a small pocket-sized notebook so you can slip it into your bag and easily consult it wherever you are. I love to write and I’m very into small notebooks

2) Locate the parts in advance and be patient

How many times have you fallen in love with a piece and then seen it at – 50% a few weeks or worse a few days later? And yes, it is normal. Your tendency to compulsive shopping sometimes plays tricks on you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy anything outside of sales of course. But buy in moderation and be patient . If you come across an exceptional piece, a real favourite, indulge yourself directly. It will bring you happiness and boost your self-confidence. For others, think a little and ask yourself the right questions. There is the ‘ kiss ‘ method which works very well. I suggest you read the article on ‘Stop overconsuming: 5 keys to get there’.

3) Check the small labels carefully

I talk to you about it regularly, nothing is more important than to check the quality of the garment you are looking for . Materials are essential to your personal style. Quite simply because a quality garment will give you much more satisfaction: better cut, more pleasant to wear, more beautiful . Avoid 100% polyester and synthetic materials. Choose natural or minimally processed materials.

4) When there is a doubt, there is no doubt!

This 4th advice is radical. In the detox dressing method , I tell you about the joy that a garment gives you. In front of your mirror, take the time to feel the effect that the garment you are trying on has on you . It’s rather innate. There are pieces that you reject straight away and others that bring you joy just as quickly. It’s the crush, your body speaks to you and tells you that this garment is made for you. Yeah, that’s the ideal scenario. In reality, it doesn’t always happen that way. You hesitate, you don’t know what to do, you take it and you regret it. You leave it and come back.

5) Opt for the right proportion of basics

Basics are timeless pieces that go with everything and form the foundation of your wardrobe. I suggest you read the article on the 7 basics of the ideal wardrobe to find out more . These pieces should make up 60-70% of your wardrobe . The rest is dedicated to strong pieces.

It is important to find your basics during the sales . These are high quality clothes, in a priori higher budget. You can therefore more easily buy them on sale so as not to blow up your shopping budget.

6) Always choose the right size

It seems obvious, and yet… Remember. Your dream piece is no longer available in your size. An immense disappointment invades you. You groan . A broken price will potentially make you want to buy a piece you love in a size that is not yours. This is to compensate for your frustration. You tell yourself that you will lose 2-3 kilos or that you will gain some. Please don’t make this mistake. Say no to too tight and excessive oversize. The garment should fit you perfectly when you buy it . Otherwise it will stay at the back of your closet most of the time. It’s math!

7) Dress for the occasion

How to dress well for the sales? For a shopping day during which you will undress a lot, get dressed and walk a lot, opt for a simple, practical, comfortable and effective outfit . Especially in the winter period. A top, knitwear, jeans, trainers or low-heeled boots, a jacket, a hat (for the rain instead of an umbrella), a light bag . That’s all to take advantage of the sales! Avoid too many layers, complicated belts, big bags full to bursting, high-heeled shoes in which your feet will hurt. You will feel light and comfortable in your sneakers . You will avoid discomfort and heat in stores.

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